What is iServe Budgeting

iServe Budgeting is a Budget and Performance Reporting(BPR) national development planning software for municipalities and state-owned entities. BPR includes: 

The strategic integrated development plan (IDP) guides budgeting across all mSCOA segments. BPR hosts every municipal fiscal’s mandated mSCOA. The BPR’s browser-based SQL database connects with the Financial Management System.


Automated Reports



Budget and Performance Reporting applications hosts the typical standard chart of accounts suitable in each environment i.e. mSCOA for municipal finance, SCOA for public finance. 

The integration capabilities enable data exchange between reporting stakeholders, i.e. Local Government (LG) Database and technology system stakeholders i.e. Finance Management systems or ERP General ledgers. 

BPR Enables extraction of relevant IDP reports.  
  • Service Delivery Budget Implementation Plan (SDBIP) Detail budget breakdown per fiscal,
  •  revision status,
  •  department, 
  • Project SCOA, 
  • Function SCOA, 
  • Item SCOA, 
  • Fund SCOA, 
  • Cost SCOA and 
  • Region SCOA. 

Our Financial Reporting Dashboard allow key stakeholders to visualize the Key Performance Indicators and other strategic data of the municipality at a glance.

The objective of the dashboard is to ensure that senior management through financial and performance indicators take note of early warning signs as to the state of their financial and operational affairs


Enable third party integration API i.e. Caseware - Annual Financial Statements. This can be achieved through executable table views/scripts to update third part reporting data

 Modules catered for: 

  1. IDP, 
  2. SDBIP, 
  3. Budget & Planning, 
  4. Municipal Management Reports, 
  5. ABC Schedules and Dashboards