What is iServe Billing

iServe Billing is a municipality services billing system. While its major target market are municipalities, it can and is being used by private entities which are subcontracted by municipalities or service providers who provide meter charged services. While the product is new on the market, it was developed after intense research and identifying gaps left by the traditional systems.

iServe has seven distinct modules and these are:

Maintenance Module

Transaction Module

Reports Module

Analytics Module

Administration Module

Clearance Module

Data Import Module

  • Property categories: This allows you create property categories that used to group your properties. These are very important because they are used at billing. 
  • Property details: This function is used to capture properties in the system. All properties  that are billed and serviced by the entity have to be present in the application. When accounts are created, they are created against a property.

Transaction module allows for invoices, credit notes, statements, billing runs, meter reading or adjustments and reporting.  This modules also allows for accounts view, maintenance, clearance of properties and valuation roll.

Reports are available in a dashboard and statement form.  Customisation of reports is possible as per the requirements of the client.

This module provides analytical information at a glance view. There are two distinct views provided the system and these are;
  • Action dashboard
  • Monthly dashboard

This module is used administering system users and meter readers. On user configuration, the system allows you to set up user permissions that control functionality that users can perform.

This is an online tool that will be exposed to the property owners to allow them to initiate property ownership transfers. This tool integrates with the main application however, every action need approval before it is actually posted into the main application.

This additional tool comes packaged with the iServe application and is used only when uploading client data.

This does not imply that the system comes in seven different packages. Rather it provides the magnificence of not mixing functionalities and if need be, will make distinction of user roles easy.

iServe billing is a fully integrated billing and revenue enhancement solution that allows municipalities and municipal entities to bill for revenue, water, sanitation, electricity rental. They system allows management of tariffs and valuation roll of properties.

The system can integrate with any financial management system on site. It has a mobile app that allows meter readings, walks and customer interaction.