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Enterprise Resource Planning

In today’s fast paced business environment, businesses cannot thrive, compete or simply operate effectively without a suitable integrated ERP solution. An Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution allows you to manage accounting, inventory, supply chain, HR, procurement and CRM processes.

It gives you a real-time view of customer data in a flexible way, helps avoid operational bottlenecks and allows you to meet the demands of your day to day back-office operations. Our industry and academically certified professional services team made up of accountants, business analysts and project managers will analyse your needs, and develop, implement and train you on the relevant system, process or compliance project.

We follow an Agile approach to managing projects, innovating along the journey and encourage customer collaboration throughout the process.


Client Relationship Management

Sage CRM is a powerful Client Relationship Management solution that seeks to manage your bespoke client information and key attribute profiles while providing a clear audit trail to every interaction you have with your clients.

Equipped with powerful business intelligence reporting capabilities, you’re able to produce analytical dashboard reports at a click of a button. Sage CRM helps businesses drive revenue growth, increase productivity, and enable customer facing teams to become more efficient while delivering an
exceptional customer experience.

Business Process Management

Sage Business Process Management (BPM) is technology that allows you to automate almost any employee-focused process.


BPM can assist in meeting the following business challenges:

  • Staff bypassing the organisation’s procurement processes.
  • Expenditure against budget not up to date.
  • Requisitions and purchase orders not properly authorised.
  • Authorisation of processes without supporting documents.

Data Visualization

We all know that data piles up in every business, every day! Very large amounts of data. And it is becoming increasingly difficult to maintain and process these datasets; especially data that emanates from different formats and structure.


Our data visualization solution falls within our reporting offering. Business analytics is a well-known and used tool, but our solution takes reporting and insights a step further.Because decision makers require meaningful data insights to interpret trends and monetise data, we transform data into digestible visual context.


We offer an easy to understand visual representation by geographical location of your suppliers, customers and users, which can be customized according to your specific requirements. Not only does the data give you insight into your current environment but can forecast in an augmented reality dashboard, helping you to identify trends and gaps in the market to improve efficiencies

Cloud Services

Born out of necessity for clients who don’t have the expertise or infrastructure to host their own servers, we offer cloud hosting services to round off our offering; relying only on trusted data centres when proposing hosted solutions. Some of the benefits include:

  • Cost effective – you don’t have ongoing server costs by maintaining hardware.
  • Accessible – you can access it from anywhere in the world, provided you are connected to the internet.
  • Secure – data centres have high security policies in place.
  • Reliable disaster recovery – a proper disaster recovery plan is essential.
  • Up-time – you can be assured of a 99% up-time.
  • Bandwidth – data centres have high incoming and outgoing bandwidth.

Custom Solutions

There will always be functionality gaps in off-the-shelf solutions, no matter how flexible and customizable they are. For clients who require fit-for-purpose solutions, our team of developers build customized solutions that are easily integrated into the core ERP system.

We offer phased solutions – a digestible road map to meet your business objectives. This allows for successful user adoption, budget flexibility and minimal disruptions to your business during our Agile implementation.

Some examples of our purpose-built software include a financial performance management solution (iServe), a wholesale/retail voucher management solution to ensure cash stays in the business when there are returns, and a wholesale dispatch management solution.