AI Based Contract Performance at your fingertips.

Contract Sentinel is a new generation platform that enables companies to capture, centralise and collaborate its contracts, policies and agreements for both supplier & customer.
What is

Contract Management?

Contract management is the process of managing agreements, from their creation through to their execution by the chosen party, and to the eventual termination of the contract. Key activities involve performance analysis against the contract terms to maximize operational and financial performance and to identify and mitigate financial and reputational risk through non-compliance with contract terms.

We assist medium to large organisations in automating their business processes, and we provide the systems to deliver on these processes, to ensure greater efficiency throughout the organisation.

Our systems mix consists primarily of ERP, business process management, contract management, CRM and real-time financial reporting systems.


The platform is built on latest generation cloud native AI/ML technology. CS is:

Managing Contractual performance is both complex and expensive
undertaking. Typically, 40-50% of a business spend and most of the income is represented in some form of contract. So, the topic is important but it’s just too hard to make the process transparent. Increasingly we are also moving to a consumption based world making the task even harder to manage these new types of contracts.

Contract Sentinel can provide an answer to these challenges by providing a high level of automation and structure to contract performance. The platform brings all the key stakeholders together in a collaborative solution. From Executives, Operations, Management, Finance, Procurement suppliers and customers aligning them with up-to-date hard data on good or poor performance measured against agreed service levels – Contract Sentinel provides a single, transparent version of the truth.

Contract Sentinel brings performance back to the source agreement covering cost, risk, spend, SLA, KPI performance in one solution. Managing software, hardware, facilities andservice contracts in one simple low cost solution!

What are the benefits of

Contract Management

Contract management software digitizes and stores all contracts into a central repository, providing a way for stakeholders, such as legal and compliance departments, to search for and review contracts, eliminating the need to manually locate and sift through stacks of paper manually. Contract Management software also manages access to contracts so that only authorized people in an organization can view any particular contract, improving security.

The software also provides alerts to key contacts when contract expiration dates are nearing, allowing businesses to decide whether to renegotiate or cancel their agreement and avoiding them being locked into contracts automatically rolling over from year to year at increasingly unfavourable terms.
 Finally, contract management software can be used to track current spend against a supplier, by integrating it with other financial or procurement software systems.


Contract Performance Manager

AskElie (Ever Learning Intelligent Engine)

Provides a conversational AI experience to Contract Sentinel or inhouse Contract epositories. elie can also be used to process new
contract requests and supplier onboarding in a unique automated experience

Solutions and Key features:

Innovative Solutions

Easy tracking

Plan effectively

What do I get with Contract Sentinel?

  • Most advanced contract performance solution on the market
  • Most advanced AI/ML contract capture platform
  • askelie conversational AI to navigate and manage contract process
At last, one solution that tracks risk, cost and operational performance for contracts & services. Covering key agreement dates, legal clauses & milestones. The platform has built-in cost & performance trackers and auto alerting
Understand the entire business contract commitment see supplier relationships in one easy view covering end dates, exit clauses, costs & performance. Manage complex multi-vendor contracts. Design & monitor service based contract supplier landscape
Cloud SaaS-based

Minimal setup cost, easy access from all device types, and always up to date with the latest enhancements Significant cost & time savings in better managing all agreements, policies, and contracts - only requires a supporting browser Our Services

Onboarding Service

Contract Sentinel team can offer a full onboarding solution. Send us your contracts, policies, and agreements and we will get you started with a complete solution for your business then it's easy to maintain and enhance

Askelie conversations

The contract Sentinel team can provide a conversational AI experience for your business- used for navigation of contract content in any repository or to provide automated contract or supplier onboarding experience.

Training Content

Contract Sentinel & Askelie are easy-to-use apps. We provide customized training content to ensure your team gets the most out of using these two exciting solutions.

Features and Benefits:

  • A single solution from capture to reporting and accessed by all stakeholders & supporting technology via modern API requests
  • Cloud Native AI/ML platform covering contract capture. & performance management Conversational AI for supplier onboarding
  • Askelie is an advanced conversational AI solution managing contract processes and providing easy contract content navigation
  • Automatic Contract event alerts – for SLA failures, missed KPIs, unexpected costs, and increased risk.
  • Save time and money managing contracts- Control rising consumption-based contracts with immediate cost clarity
  • Improved contract retention & improve supplier/Customer interaction by connecting all stakeholders to contract knowledge
    Facilitates full end-to-end capture, monitoring, and reporting of the entire contract lifecycle in one unique solution
  • Easy ‘plug in’ solution. Connect Asset Management, Finance & ERP systems using state-of-the-art APIs